iPad Artist, see the image transform!

cre·a·tiv·i·ty   [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee]

And the Clock Ran Away With a Swoon…

Heaven, I’m in heaven… My iPad allows me to float dreamily in the realm of creativity wherever and whenever using nothing more than my finger and a few truly artful and dazzling apps.  Just last weekend I was at an antique shop in Santa Cruz and photographed the clock face in this image with my cell phone.  I love capturing interesting images and textures with my cell phone everywhere I go.  It makes great fodder for my works of art.  I never know what I might need or what will inspire me in the moment so I keep collecting. Later that day I had a yen to draw and somehow the two images– my drawing and the golden clock– arrived into the same piece together and it worked.  I think this piece took a couple of hours of noodling this direction and that to get to where I felt it was complete.  You just kinda know.

There are definitely techniques involved, knowing the quirks of the apps and how to get something particular done.  One app does this, another does that.  I’ve spent countless hours learning it all via experience and just trying things out.   And I’ve tried more apps than you can imagine.  I’m especially fond of the ones that give me some actual control and allow me to manipulate the image.  The one click wonders mostly leave me cold.  But there are a few that do such special things that they sometimes become ones I can’t live without–  but those are rare.

In my iPad class I will reveal to students just what I do, how I do it, which stylus I use (there are several) and my favorite apps for creating some pretty cool art pieces!  Are you ready to sign up?  sign up for my email list to be the first to know and if you have questions please drop me a line.  I’d love to chat with you and learn what you are up to and see if I can help you in any way!  charr@charrcrail.com.

On a more personal note when I was putting this video together I asked my brilliant husband (www.chrisgoslow.com) if he would write me a piano piece as the soundtrack.  Within one hour there it was, this gorgeous piece of music!  I’m so lucky!  Gorgeous original music created to order!  Heaven, I’m in heaven…

Here is the final image.  I used three apps to create this image.  Titled:  “And the Clock Ran Away With a Swoon”.


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  1. Geri Love says:

    That was so much fun!! Thanks for sharing. I really love what you do and the music is so uplifting.

  2. Loved the video! Very cute.

  3. Charr, these videos showing how you did this are super cool! Wow! And I know you hold classes to teach how to do this and other things using Photoshop right? Where can I find that info? – Katrina

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