Live on FB, Spontaneity at my Workshop

Amazing day at my latest workshop– Creative Marketing Using Your Camera Phone!  

Seriously, how can you talk about marketing without mentioning Facebook Live and then doing it right then and there–  Fun!  Yep, we went Live on Facebook at the very end of a fabulous workshop– Creative Marketing Using Your Camera Phone.  A wonderful class for anyone in business who wants to get creative with pictures and videos so they can shoot their own, edit them, turn them into videos and market their product or services all right in the palm of their hand using the iPhone!  Had a blast learning and practicing some wonderful tricks and tools built right into your iPhone that you can use to create pictures and videos you can post online– social media, websites and more.

Perhaps the best part of this class for me was the unbridled enthusiasm these students had and the really great photos they captured.  It was a ling full day of learning, getting hands-on and even making videos from the pictures we captured.  Everyone had a blast!

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