What People Say

Read what some of  Charr’s students have said about her classes.

“I feel energized to move forward with exploring my own creative path.”  Lavona G.

“Charr makes learning fun!  Lot’s of new info taught clearly.  Simple methods to create fantastic pieces.”  Jonathan O.

“Loved everything about the class… Your work speaks for you before you get to the workshop.  Then with humbleness and energy you blow us away with your art, sharing your knowledge.  And you really made it easy for us to create something unique and interesting because you really did keep it simple yet showed us so much.”  Marie O.

“Loved your high energy and enthusiasm.  The pace was slow enough to follow and fast enough to sustain interest.  I learned so many shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts.”  Wayne Hopkins

“I’m really inspired to try new things… it flipped back on my creative artsy switch.  Charr, you are amazing!  I wish you were my next door neighbor!  You were so patient with all of us and repeated instructions as many times as we needed it.  I am totally inspired to go out and create more art.”  Annie J.

“Thank you so much for bringing the artistic side of me out.  I’m no longer afraid to just try and create!”  Glenda F.

“I loved the different ways you used tools… It makes me want to be more creative– so fun!.”  Gail S.

“You learn a lot in a short time. Great class! Great experience!” Christl

“This is an information-filled, fast-paced introduction to Photoshop. Mucho bang for the bucks!”  Ned H.

“Charr makes learning about Photoshop a fun, hands on experience! Good pace for everybody else who seemed to be more tech savvy, yet lots of review and patient explanation and instruction for people like me.”  Marcia S. 

From her workshop clients:

For more than ten years, Charr Crail has been one of SMUD’s most respected contract photographers. Whether working on high profile or internal shoots, we count on her expertise to get us the best visuals possible. Charr’s unique style is ideal for many of our advertising and marketing needs, and her photojournalism experience has enlivened our internal publications.

In fact, Charr’s proficiency in photojournalism was the catalyst in requesting her instruction on a “photography for media” workshop. On several occasions Charr came on site to present her course on photographic principals and applications. She’s a gifted instructor, able to communicate her experience succinctly. Our department staff came away from the course enlightened and confident.

Charr is a pleasure to work with and one of our favorite go-to photo professionals.

Joe Tapia, ctsm, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Letter of Recommendation from American River College

This letter is written as a recommendation for Charr Crail for her exceptional speaking and communication skills to my Freelance Photography class and for the tremendous impact her speaking has on those who listen.

Charr came to American River on December 5th, 2012 to speak to a group of photography students who plan to start their own photography business, with a powerful commitment to make a difference with all the students present. Charr spoke about her early career in editorial photography, commercial photography, and fine art and the adventures she experienced with establishing herself. In speaking about her own adventures and dealing with different kinds of people, Charr was able to communicate to her audience what is possible for photographers just starting out.By the end of her presentation, students were anxiously asking questions and excited about what Ms. Crail had to say.

In my experience in listening to Charr speak, I am certain that her words and commitment had an incredible impact on those who listen. In hearing her story of her experience, students are able to come away from listening to Ms. Crail with a brighter look on their future and the knowledge that they truly can have what it is that they want for their photography careers. I am grateful that the students at American River College had the opportunity to hear Charr speak, and from that experience, I recommend that you consider Charr as an exceptional speaker for all students anywhere in the country.

Craig Schindler, Photography Professor

American River College, Sacramento, California

P.S. You will not be disappointed

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