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It’s a widely told tale that Charr Crail was born with a writing implement in her hand. No one has yet to dispute this since she has proven by daily deed to be an avid doodler since her earliest recorded days.  Now Charr has taken her talent to the world in an extremely popular and elevated art form by way of the current craze for Coloring Books.  In honor of National Coloring Book Day, August 2nd, Charr has created this as an Academic Calendar, which runs from August 2017 – July 2018 with a delightful original drawing for each month, ready to color!  Ready to Color and keep track of important dates?  Click the Add to Cart Button.  The calendar is just $2.99.

Many of the drawings Charr creates spring from her active imagination and many are inspired by her vast catalog of professional photography she’s been doing for decades. Subject matter varies greatly but in this very first of it’s kind Charr has focused on people and pets as her subjects. Some of her drawings may even invite you to add your own doodling skills should you be so inclined.

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The Coloring Book Calendar is delivered as a PDF you can download onto your computer to print out.  Use it to keep track of important dates and enjoy the benefits of coloring and expressing yourself artistically using any traditional media you like— crayons, markers, colored pencils or…?

BONUS! Charr’s gift to you as a bonus for this launch includes a zip file of the calendar images, which you can import directly onto your device and color on the go using mobile apps— one of Charr’s favorite ways to color since it allows a do it anytime, anywhere option!



Charr Crail Coloring Book Calendar Back Cover.


Coloring Books are Wonderful! Here Are a Few Reasons Why:

• Coloring is a powerful way to help you Be Present and Focus. Coloring is a beneficial way to pause, to sit quietly with yourself and to focus in instead of zoning out. Like meditation, the act of coloring in lines and patterns can let the brain rest, helps decrease anxiety, and encourages mindfulness. And it’s fun! Never underestimate the power of fun.

• Making creative choices. Trying to color in the lines helps to let go of everyday worries for a brief time. Even coloring outside the lines — intentionally— has the same benefit. Inside or outside the lines— it’s a choice you are welcome to make! The decision to color inside or outside the lines is part of the creative process. There is no right way. In fact, many of the drawings in this coloring book have left room for you to work outside the lines and to add lines and doodles of your own. Feel free to think creatively and have fun.  There is no right or wrong way to color!

• Activate your brain to be a better thinker. Coloring actually activate parts of your brain that works on problem solving and organizing.

• Coloring reduces anxiety. Coloring gets you directly to the internal creative process so you can access your imagination and exercise creative thinking. It is believed that the practice of coloring in shapes and patterns helps people shut off negative thoughts and may experience lower levels of anxiety, which has wonderful calming benefits.

• You get to be a kid again! Coloring helps you tap into a sweet spot that is childlike and full of creative wonder and joy.

• Coloring encourages a more joyfully creative life. Are you longing to be more creative?You don’t need a class or special tools or a special anything! All you need is the drawing and something to color with to access your own creativity, joy and freedom!

  • Coloring is LOVE. Love of self and self expression, love of color, creative self expression in many ways. The colors you choose, the textures you create and exercising your own personal preferences are all part of the process of expanding and even discovering your own wonderful and creative inner self.

To purchase this unique coloring book calendar click the Add to Cart Button.  The calendar is just $2.99.

AND she teaches how to do all this amazing stuff too. Here are a few things Charr would love to teach you.
▪ Learn to make art on your mobile devices using extraordinary apps.
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▪ Make the most of your camera phone to take great photos and make videos. Need to market your business? Or just want to get better photos and make movies for friends, family and have wonderful memories of your life to share? This education is life changing for collecting the visual stories of your life in all areas.
▪ Make Memes, aka Text on Photos. It’s a wonderful tool to learn and a powerful way to express yourself.

Bottom Line: Discover a treasure filled world where anything you want to do around imagery and media is possible in wonderfully simple and joyful ways. Charr is doing it and she can teach you how.

Go to her website: and get on her mailing list (get a free gift too!) to learn about upcoming classes, webinars and workshops. You can work One-on-One with Charr too.
Get in touch with Charr directly to see how she can help you achieve your art or content creation goals.

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