CURRENTLY SCHEDULED:  iMovie for iOS.  Learn to make your own movies with your phone or iPad!

iMovie, the App, for iPhone:  (minimal iPhone or iPad experience recommended prior to this class) This is a Live and in-person Online Masterclass.

You need to learn the iPhone app iMovie because you need to learn to make movies for business or for personal!  iMovie is my absolute favorite too. Videos are what people want to see– More than anything else these days. They are attention getting. It’s a perfect way to tell your visual story and show people things they are interested in– or to get them interested in you. More details to come. This class is a must to learn how to make a great movie right in your hands anytime, anywhere. I’ll teach you everything you need to know– step by step! Use Pictures, video, music, even add your own voice– I’ll teach you all of it!

I will also be recording this so you can always watch again and again for review.

Next date to be determined.  Sign-ups being taken now– use the PayPal button below.  Have questions, need information or want payment alternatives?  Get in touch–

IMovie for iOS


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iphone-webinars-promo-charr-crailIt’s time to take some BIG ACTION in your business to make 2017 the year that you’ve been dreaming about and you can use your mobile device to do it!  If not now, when? Let me show you a world that’s right in your hands that you can use NOW to rock your marketing and expand your reach in business to move closer than ever to creating your dreams. Each of my live webinars are designed to give you easy access to a fantastically cool set of tools that can literally transform your ability to take control of your own marketing and make better pictures and videos for business or personal.

Wherever you go, there you are!  Shoot the picture with your mobile device!  I will teach you how to use your camera phone to make better pictures immediately.  Headlines and photos/videos are the first things people see and it’s what drives them to look deeper so why not create your own and stop relying on stock— or not using pictures and videos at all.  Using better photos and videos can help you make more money in your business by expanding your reach on social media, blogs and websites helps you show off the work you do.  Leverage your message using Memes and visual insights that can be shared far and wide is smart and I can show you how easy it is too.

Each of these live masterclasses are recorded and as part of the course you receive the recording so you can watch again and again in case you need a refresher.  Also, you will be added to a private Facebook group of Workshop attendees only where you can share your images, ask questions, get answers and get feedback.


iPhone/iPad Camera For Great Photos and Videos: Learn all the important basics— space on your device, settings, the camera, the tools, modes, composition, exposure, flash, focus and more.  This class gives you the solid knowledge you need to really understand how to use the camera to capture and improve your photos and videos immediately.  This course includes a wonderful in-depth e-book with loads of useful content, great image examples, easy to follow step-by-step app tutorials and it’s a great companion guide to the course overall.

iOS Apps to Rock Your Photos for Marketing: Now that you have the photos I’ll teach you how to use apps to take your pictures to the next level.  Learn to edit pictures for maximum visual appeal— crop, filter, retouch as well as how to put your name and website on your pictures and to create Memes (aka words on pictures).   You will receive a list of some of my favorite go-to apps that I will demonstrate live so you can make the very most of your photos and get them ready to share anywhere.  In addition to learning about photo editing, meme-making I will show you how to make short and effective videos from your photos, using apps, as well.

True Original:  Create your own Textures and Backgrounds to use with Powerful Messages

(iPhone or iPad experience recommended prior to this class)  Stock photos are great but you are a true original so why not prove it using your own imagery that no one else in the world has— copyright and royalty free— because you created them!  I will teach you some photo tricks using a few amazing apps that will lift your photos to even greater heights of originality that will make you really stand out.  You’ll learn some truly unusual novelty apps to create even more unique imagery than you thought possible.

To sign up for any of these live webinars use the PayPal link below.  You can also contact Charr directly with questions and to sign up.  Email–


Select which course(s) from the drop-down menu.

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