ACCESS TO CREATIVITY MASTERCLASS with Chris Goslow and Charr Crail

ACCESS TO CREATIVITY MASTERCLASS with Chris Goslow and Charr Crail

When?  May 2nd, 2017  Time:  7-8:30 pm  PST

Where?  Online.   Link sent with Registration Confirmation.

Creativity is far more than making art or writing music.  It’s the true foundation in everything we do.  Have you ever wondered if you can be creative?  Do you sometimes long to do things differently and not the same old, same old?  Do you yearn to be more creatively expressed in your own life?

If you answers YES to any of these questions— You are not alone!  Many people feel that way.

In fact, every week we help people just like you find ways of breaking free from old patterns of doing, living and playing the game of life— creatively!  Your hosts, Chris and Charr, specialize in helping people be more creative. Chris in his piano teaching studio and Charr, in her photography business and digital imagery mentoring.  For our Access to Creativity Masterclass, we have joined forces to guide you to access the power of creativity that you already possess even if you don’t know it.  This will help bring new ideas and more play to your life no matter who you are and what you do.

Some of you are probably thinking “Right, I am not a creative person. How could you possibly help me be creative?” But you are reading this so you have an interest.  Creativity is an innate part of all of us and even if you think the quest for yours may be futile we’d love to show you otherwise.  Creativity IS in all of us and it CAN be found and encouraged. People have a constant need for creativity in all aspects of our lives— both professional and personal.  And there are moments, which happen to us all, where we must pause while searching for an idea, troubleshoot a problem or even sit staring at a blank canvas waiting for a an elusive spark.

This class is about helping you access your innate creativity through suggestions and exercises you can do anytime to tap into, find, develop and act upon the creativity you already possess.  Many of the ideas we will be sharing with you are tools we use in our own lives, personally and professionally, so we know they work.

We think you will enjoy the experiential elements in this class as you get to do many exercises right along with us.  Each exercise is designed to open up your creative mind, spark your imagination and help you tap into internal resources you may not even know you have.

So Register Now and be prepared for a fun experience while you access your own creativity!

This is a Live Online Class.  Link to join given after registration, prior to class.

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