I’m always up to something, I’ve always got a project in the background and this is one of my latest ones.  I recently ran across some old pulp fiction covers and was instantly inspired.  Several of my favorite things about the pulp fiction covers of the past was that they pulled in several of my favorite things into one fantastic art form– women, provocative ideas, graphic design, stories and type.  I was immediately inspired and started creating my own Pulp Fiction covers right away– but with my own twist.

One thing about these old pulp fiction covers is that they are often about a very bad girl, or a damsel in distress or someone causing trouble.  But I thought I’d bring something different to the genre and began creating my own pulp fiction covers– the difference is my girls are sexy, sassy and sweet!  They are strong and fun and good natured and there’s a charming story about each one– a visual story for now but I just may write something about them in the future too.  🙂  I’m in the very beginning of this fun project and still photographing women to create more.

This is a brand new work in progress, tentatively titled Come Share my Umbrella. About a girl soon to be enveloped in the loving arms of her favorite guy. There’s still a bit of work to do on this one but I just love this image and it’s fun sharing the progress.

The originals, which I do intend to do a gallery show with, are artistically created using a vast array of techniques in Photoshop, professionally printed and ultimately finished by hand with actual paint.  The are each sized at 20″ x 30″.  They are pretty fabulous actually.  Click on an image below to see them expand for viewing.

If you are interested commissioning a Pulp Positive Work of Art for yourself or someone else please get in touch and let’s talk!  In the meantime, enjoy looking at just a few from my sexy, sassy and sweet new project!

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