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This is a gallery of images I created using my iPad Pro, a fantastic medium for creating extraordinary digital art.  Many of these images began using my photographs, some even shot with my iPhone.  People, places, things, textures and my drawings too– it’s a wild cornucopia of imagery all combined with a little imagination and a wonderful digital tool that I can take with me anywhere and use anytime.  The freedom to create has never been easier!  I also teach how to do this.  If you’re interested in learning amazing possibilities around creating digital art on your iPad, or iPhone, please get in touch.  I teach online, in workshops and am currently developing a self-paced downloadable course.  Questions?  Just ask.

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Rockstars, governors, waitresses, families and everything in between. This is a widely cast net across assignments large and small spanning a 20+ years career as photojournalist and artist.  Charr Crail captures and delights in it all.  Take a look for yourself.

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Mobile devices and Phones aren’t just for calling and texting!  There’s an extraordinary world of artistic possibilities right there at your fingertips in the form of some pretty darn incredible apps.  I shoot with my cell phone and my iPad all the time then turn those images into fabulously fun works of art.  And I teach this stuff (and digital imaging in Adobe Photoshop– live or virtually.

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