Need a great workshop to help you to the next level of your creativity in the digital realm?    charr-crail-ws-1029

  • Do you want to learn how to make your pictures look even better using the power of Adobe Photoshop?
  • Are you eager to learn how to use photographs to your advantage for business and marketing?
  • Do you want to make art from your photos using Photoshop or perhaps learn some extraordinary mobile apps on your iPad?
  • Do you want to take your creativity to the next level in ways you haven’t even considered yet?

You’ll find creativity centered classes for all needs and all levels of expertise.  These courses are specifically created for those seeking to upgrade their understanding and practical skills in photography and artistry.  Classes and workshops are perfectly sized and completely hands-on.  You get the maximum personal attention and true experiential learning.  Some of the workshops are now taught live in the virtual realm, which means you can attend from home or wherever it’s most convenient for you with just the click of a link!

Expand on How You Capture, Process and Use your Photos.  There are more creative possibilities than ever!

We post and share pictures on Facebook, Instagram, our blogs, our phones.  It’s a new way of connecting well beyond our backyard.  We share pictures of exotic vacations, our children, our pets or the morning latte.  We share our selfies.  Sometimes we use creative apps and look for personalized products of every kind imaginable that we can put our own pictures on.  We are in a huge digital revolution where great imagery and the myriad of ways to use it is mind-boggling.  That’s why I teach this stuff.

I’m Charr.  I’ve been a photographer and artist all my life and I’ve been published worldwide during an amazing career as a photojournalist.  For me, when the paradigm shift from film to digital happened I was thrilled.   Seeing art and photography meeting smack dab in the middle allowed me to create in ways I never could have before!  I’m learning new things every single day and delighting in teaching amazing techniques though my classes and workshops.

It’s Fun and Easier Than You May Think! 

I love to teach people who are brand new to it and don’t know anything all.  I love showing great techniques to seasoned pros looking to learn new ways to make more money in their business.   I love to help creative people enhance their photography, art or layout skills.  In my classes and workshops you can learn to create everything from personalized products to great layouts or masterpieces of fine art.  The software I use is Adobe Photoshop to teach you how to maximize each photo you take so you can use it for fun or for business.  But the creative realm I draw from and teach you about is far more than software.  It’s a way of seeing, finding, creating and gathering imagery that you can now use in ways you may not have previously imagined.

There’s a digital imaging photography workshop for everyone and every skill level.

I teach a variety of workshops geared towards the digital photographer, the artist and everything in between.  Novice or professional there’s a great class for you.  Options include live in person workshops as well as live virtual workshops.  You can also work One on One with Charr.  The following listings are for workshops currently in place with more being added.  

If you have any questions or suggestions for something you want to learn please Click Here to get in touch.

See individual pages for dates and additional information.

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WHO IS iPHONE FOR ENTREPRENEURS FOR:  If you’re an entrepreneur then you’re all about helping people right?  And to help them you have to get their attention. One important key to getting attention is great visuals in the realm of self-promotion for your business. Though we often need and should hire a pro to do our visuals that can get costly.  And some things you need may not require a pro at all– just a little know-how.  You already have the power right in your own hands to create fun, smart and effective visuals yourself.  This class teaches you exactly how to create your own compelling visuals from people, places and products– CLICK HERE.

  This workshop is for anyone who is creative and loves to learn how to make art out of their photography.   This workshop is for artists, designers, creatives, photographers— pro or hobbyist. You are someone looking to add unique appeal to your photos and you want to add to your digital skill set.  If you know what a layer is and can make a selection then you’re good to go!  Charr will take you on a journey of artistic discovery using Photoshop tools in exciting ways.  To get dates for the next session and learn more details about this workshop visit the workshop page– CLICK HERE.


WHO IS THE iPAD ARTIST FOR:  There is such wonderful creativity going on in the world of digital art and the ease of creating it.  The only limit is a little technique know-how and your own imagination.  During this super fun workshop Charr will to teach you just how she does it– the apps she loves most, the techniques she uses and the tools that make a difference!   Take this class and you’ll learn some great insider scoops so you can create your own original and fabulous art– whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes.Be sure to sign up for Charr’s email list and be the first to know about it.  PLUS you get some fabulous original free art when you sign up!  To see samples and learn more details about this workshop visit the workshop page– CLICK HERE.


WHO IS THE ARTISANS LAB FOR:  This course is a perfect follow-up to the Photoshop for Artisans course. It can also be taken on it’s own. This class is about deepening your knowledge and your experience with the tools and techniques Charr teaches. It’s your opportunity to practice using them and continue to learn new ones while having live support right on hand. Each session begins with a brand new demo of something fun and artistic. You can get hands-on with the new things or get help on something else you may be working on. This is a great space to have live help on site to help you work though or think through something creative you want to learn.  To get dates for the next session and learn more details about this workshop visit the workshop page– CLICK HERE.


WHO IS THE PHOTOSHOP CRASH COURSE FOR:  This workshop is for Photoshop newbies.  This workshop has been developed specifically for people who want to stare the Photoshop learning curve in the eye – and not blink!   By the end of the day you’ll walk out with a firm grasp of the basics you need to know and be able to apply them immediately.  You’ll learn many great techniques such as cropping, adding text and color balancing your pictures.  You’ll learn about file types, how to resize images so they are perfect for emailing or putting on your Facebook page too.  To learn more details about this workshop visit the workshop page– CLICK HERE.


WHO IS THE BRUSHES CLASS FOR:  This one night workshop is for artists, designers, creatives, photographers— pro or hobbyist– who love to play with the details. Photoshop brushes are an important tool in Photoshop but they are not just for burning, dodging, painting or masking.  Brushes are their very own world of exciting artistic flair and this class is all about making the most of them.  Photoshop Brushes make wonderful decorative additions to creative layouts of all kinds.  From greeting cards to professional layouts a brush can make all the difference by adding just the right touch to a finished piece.  Photoshop has a vast selection of brushes you can use built in but did you know you can modify them to create your own brushes with interesting behaviors? Have you wondered how you can create your own designs and use them again and again as brushes? In this class you learn to make and modify your own delightful custom brushes that you can use again and again.  To learn more details about this workshop visit the workshop page– CLICK HERE.

WHO IS THE Graphic Design and Layout CLASS FOR:  Do you want to create your own custom cards or materials using your own pictures or graphics?  Are you tired of the same templates and common imagery used by the big box photo printers?  Did you know you can do extraordinary layout and designing right in Photoshop?  You don’t even need to be a photographer to create wondrous materials for personal, business use, marketing or even the perfect holiday or birthday card for those special people in your life.  Let Charr show you how magically simple and fun it is!  This is a live, hands-on virtual course in six sessions.  It has been created to teach you how to develop your own original layouts using Adobe Photoshop and is specifically geared for non-designers.  If you have experience with the basics of Photoshop this wonderful course will work for you.  To learn more details about this workshop visit the Graphic Design and Layout workshop page– CLICK HERE.  (If you don’t know Photoshop yet take Charr’s Photoshop Crash Course.  It will prepare you perfectly for this class.)


WHO IS THE Art of Doodling Class for:  Anyone.  Even if you think you are not an artist but perhaps like to doodle or work with your hands you will love this class.  And everything you need is included so all you have to do is simply show up!  In this class we are experiencing the Art of Doodling with intention and it has a kind of Zen to it.  We are doing it on a very soft metal too.  Yes, we are embossing on metal.  This technique Charr is teaching you is actually very sculptural and the work you create is simply gorgeous to look at.  We are doodling in a way that is all about intention and focus and allowing freedom into creating line and design.  The intention is to be adventurous.  We may not even know specifically where we are going or what it will look like in the end.  It can almost be a kind of artistic meditation.  The beauty part is you don’t need to be an “artist”.  You already are creative even if you don’t realize it.  You don’t have to know how to draw!  If you can write a sentence, put a period at the end of it, sign your name or draw a wavy line you’re good to go.  Learn mere about this class visit the Workshop page– CLICK HERE.  There’s a cool video there too so you can see a recent class in action.

If you have any questions or want to talk about any of these fun and educational courses please don’t hesitate to Contact Charr at:


Phone: 916-672-8423

About the Photographic Artist – Charr Crail

charr crail portrait
Self Portrait

Charr Crail is a Northern California artist with an avid passion for creating art that embraces the delicate beauty of who we are. She develops select, unique portraiture and other imagery that conveys meaning and tells a compelling visual story.

Though Charr has been around long enough to tell darkroom tales of the days before pixels the onset of digital photography cracked her creative world wide open.  Now she adores the exploration of digital illustration using photographs as a “canvas” upon which she layers drawings, patterns and all manner of textural elements to create her own brand of extraordinary art via photography. Charr loves putting on workshops, both live and virtual, to teach the keys to creating the kinds of extraordinary imagery she is so passionate about.

If you are interested in booking Charr for a portrait sitting, commissioning an extraordinary art piece, attending one of her workshops or working with her one on one in the digital realm contact her directly for a free consultation.  Contact Charr or phone her at 916-672-8423.

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