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the-artisans-lab-bannerThis is the perfect follow-up to the Photoshop For Artisans Workshop

Take this course as a follow-up to the Photoshop for Artisans course or take it on it’s own. This class is about deepening your knowledge and your experience with the tools and techniques Charr teaches.  This workshop is for people with a good working knowledge of Photoshop and want to continue get more creative with it.  So even if you haven’t done the PFA course this may still be just the thing for you to get in action with your work, to get inspired, to learn new techniques and have a lot of creative fun in the digital realm.

It’s your opportunity to practice using what you’ve just learned and continue to learn new techniques while having live support right on hand. Each session begins with a brand new demo of something fun and artistic. You can get hands-on with the new things or get help on something else you may be working on. This is a great space to have live help on site to help you work though or think through something creative you want to learn.

You may have taken Photoshop for Artisans, you may be a professional working in the field and just want to learn more fun techniques. You may be a designer who wants to deepen your artistic knowledge base in the Photoshop realm. As long as you have a working knowledge of Photoshop the Artisans lab is a great place to get live demos and support on anything creative you are working on in Photoshop.

Do you need help with something specific?  Are you interested in brainstorming? Do you have some specific artistic interest you want direction on?  This is the place to be.

The live demos alone are a real treat.  You never know what will be next.  And it’s always going to be something interesting that may spark you into new directions of artistic adventure and enlightenment.

BONUS: Whatever special assets Charr uses in her Demo each night are yours to keep and use in your own work. (a $25 value.)  These assets are Charr originals that you can’t get anywhere else.  From her own unique brushes or hand painted watercolor textures they are sure to be both beautiful and unique.

The Artisans Lab can be taken on it’s own or as a perfect follow up to the Photoshop For Artisans course.


If you have any questions please contact Charr at:
Phone: 916-672-8423


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