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Do you ever sit in wonder at how movies are made or how pictures can look so real and still like they were created in other dimensions?  Never before has photography and art been so closely aligned.  Thanks to powerful software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and some amazing mobile apps we can go further into easily creating from our imaginations.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather. To me everyone is gorgeous and portraits are amongst my very favorite subjects for photography. This image is a combination of two images– a studio portrait and a seagull I photographed in Monterey, California. I created this on my iPad using mobile apps. Textures add so much depth and beauty. They can be created using tools and techniques and they can be created by layering imagery as well. I’m constantly capturing unique images everywhere I go to use in my work.

I started combining photos and artworks in a long ago world that involved film and printing black and white photos in a chemical filled darkroom.  I still think back with awe about the magical moment that an image would appear in the developer bath while standing in a darkroom filled only with a dim red light.  I was an artist then using my prints as the literal canvas— drawing on them with india ink and painting them with intensely vibrant dyes.

But things changed and technology is rapidly advancing so being a photographic artist has changed our way of working but it has not necessarily changed how we think.  In fact, the world is so filled with possibility and awe inspiring tools at the ready we can now create anywhere at any time thanks to our mobile devices too.  I’m a full-time professional photographer with a fascination for transforming photographs.  It’s who I am, what I do and what I love to share through teaching.

Did you know you’re an artist too, no matter the medium?  True.  Because art is in everything we do, whether it’s preparing a delicious meal or building the perfect doghouse.  It’s in how we choose to dress each day, it’s how we calculate a mathematical equation.  Art is in the design of a rectangular wall switch as much as it is in a rich oil painting now hanging in the Louvre or sprayed onto the walls of an alley facing wall on a downtown street.

Welcome to this ever evolving creative world we live in that has brought us extraordinary access to anything we can dream of to create for ourselves— from our personal self expression to more practical needs like marketing our businesses.

  • Do you want to learn how to make your pictures look great?
  • D0 you want to transform them into works of art?
  • Do you want learn how to use your cell phone not only to make better pictures but possibly to do product photography with it?
  • Do you want to make videos or slide shows you can use to capture special events in your life or to use in your own business marketing?

I’d be thrilled to help you learn how to do all of these things using easy to access but powerful tools and techniques to make the most out of your pictures– for personal or business needs.  Nothing delights me more than helping people go to the next level with what they need to get the job done.

It was a children’s birthday party in a backyard with several dozen kids running about. I was the hired photographer so I was running around too. Kids move fast! Then this happened. I turned around and saw this amazing face, got one frame of her and she was gone. Such a face! Back at my computer, so inspired by this face I began playing in Photoshop to express what I was seeing in my minds eye-- a beautiful fairy-like child with golden locks alive with glitter.

I was the hired photographer running around with kids at a backyard birthday party and kids move fast!  Then this happened. I turned around and saw this amazing face, got one frame and she was gone. Such a face! Back at my computer, feeling inspired, I began playing in Photoshop to express what I was seeing in my minds eye– a beautiful fairy-like child with flowing golden locks, electric blue eyes, alive and surrounded by glitter.

dire formaggio charr crail before and after

The Original Image was photographed in Sienna, Tuscany (oh my goodness gorgeous place) of a street performer who’s skill was standing still for hours at a time while dressed head to toe in gold– with the exception of his sunglasses. This image was taken into Photoshop and built with so many layers creating texture that I’ve lost count. It’s the use of lush brush strokes that makes the photographer/performer look like a painting.

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    Charr ~
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    Charr- I must be blind, but I can’t find your location on this site. I hope to take class with you but live in NJ – would travel. Where?
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