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 Photography Workshops will help you take your photos to the next level.

So, what’s this all about?  I’m a professional photographer and artist and I teach and speak all about digital imaging and the art of making art via photography.  I’ve been doing this professionally for years, going all the way back to the days of film and chemicals.  I’ve seen the digital age from it’s dawning and love it!  Now I’m more passionate than ever because the limits of what we can do using Adobe Photoshop and Mobile Apps are in the stratosphere.  Are you ready to learn amazing things you can do with your photos, your art and and just a little imagination?  

Images capture our hearts, our minds and our lives.

Images convey our human experience,  they remind us of our own history.  Even our cell phones have become digital photo diaries!  When we look back at our pictures we are instantly reminded of a special day, a precious event, a mood or feeling, that certain someone or an experience we don’t want to forget.  We snapped the shutter and a moment was frozen in time.  

It was a children’s birthday party in a backyard with several dozen kids running about. I was the hired photographer so I was running around too. Kids move fast! Then this happened. I turned around and saw this amazing face, got one frame of her and she was gone. Such a face! Back at my computer, so inspired by this face I began playing in Photoshop to express what I was seeing in my minds eye-- a beautiful fairy-like child with golden locks alive with glitter.

I was the hired photographer running around with kids at a backyard birthday party and kids move fast!  Then this happened. I turned around and saw this amazing face, got one frame and she was gone. Such a face! Back at my computer, feeling inspired, I began playing in Photoshop to express what I was seeing in my minds eye– a beautiful fairy-like child with flowing golden locks, electric blue eyes, alive and surrounded by glitter.

Now, with today’s creative and affordable software we can beautifully enhance our photos in a myriad of ways.  I will teach you how simple it can be too!  

If you’re looking for new skills in how to make your photos look great– whether you’re working with a big camera, a point and shoot or a cell phone– I can teach you my techniques and tricks that I’ve personally developed and use professionally everyday to make pictures look amazing.  Whether you are working in Adobe Photoshop or mobile apps, on your computer or mobile device, a new realm of creativity is ready and waiting for you!  Check out my workshops page for more info.

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Video Below:  Here’s a fun screen recording of an art piece in progress.  I photographed this “Flirty Bantam” at the California State Fair with my cell phone.  The original photo was pretty funky due to his caged location but this video shows you the artistic process I went through to create a very charming art piece showing this California Bantam in all his true and beautiful glory.  (And the wonderful soundtrack is an original piano piece by Chris Goslow.) YouTube Preview Image

And here’s a lively promo about my Photoshop classes.  YouTube Preview Image


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