Focus on Creativity– Today we launch!

Creativity.  To some of us it comes easily.  To some of us it’s a constant question mark. We have all kinds of notions about what creativity is.  To me it’s everyday in everything.  To you it may be something very different but in the end, I promise you, it’s in all of us.

I actually remember the very moment I saw creativity in myself.  I was about six years old and in the process of coloring a bunch of grapes I had drawn.  My mom came by and exclaimed with surprise at how I had used unexpected colors in my grapes.  They were NOT all purple.  I had colored them with varying shades of blue and purple.  It was a sophisticated view for a child and her delighted reaction showed me something about my self— originality.

We all have originality.  You are original.  Your DNA says so and I bet many people in your life would say so too. We can’t help ourselves.  It is just what is so.

So what exactly is creativity and how does it show up?

According to it’s “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.”

Creativity is how we like our tea, what we choose to wear on any given day, how we sigh, how we laugh, our handwriting, our personality as well as a million other far more obvious or subtle signs of self expression.

Why did this conversation even come up for me? I was the featured guest speaking about my photography and showing examples to a large group of professional photographers at their monthly meeting.  One of them raised his hand and pointed at one of my images on the screen and said.  “I can’t do that.  I’m not creative.”  That single moment has forever changed my ideas about creativity by revealing a shocking truth— even people in a creative field don’t see their own unique creativity.  It has become my mission to help people see it, to embrace it and to express it freely.

So, just a few weeks ago I was inspired to create a series of recorded conversations with people about creativity in their own lives and their thought process behind it.  So began my new endeavor Focus on Creativity, an ongoing series of video conversations with people that I will be publishing on a regular basis.  From hair stylists to actors, professional speakers to musicians and life coaches–  I believe everyone is fascinating on this topic and today is the day I’m telling the world about this brand new project— Focus on Creativity. 

The conversations keep happening and I’ll be publishing them when they do so please stay tuned! 

The first video in the series is with Georgiana Kovell, The Entrepreneurs’ Partner in Mind Blowing Success.  Enjoy!  And if so inclined to leave a comment, please do!

Want to get in touch with Georgiana Kovell??  Click Here.

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