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From a flicker of an idea to a realized reality— such is creativity!  I am so proud to announce my brand new YouTube channel featuring a project near and dear to my heart— Focus on CreativityMany thanks to the people who have already agreed to be part of this amazing conversation and the many yet to come and meet with me to share even more great conversation.

Creativity has been my life, both personally and professionally.  We are alive in this extraordinary time where with a few simple clicks it’s possible to connect with anyone in the world and get face to face, smile to smile, voice to sound anytime we want.  And this month I’ve been connecting just that way during online conversations with some remarkable people—  it’s been wonderful so far!  I pose the question “What is creativity to you and what is your creative process?”  The answers given during the conversations in Focus on Creativity are invariably unpredictable and fascinating.

I talk to international speakers, radio hosts, tantra experts, actors, authors, musicians, life coaches, health and beauty experts, landscape designers, photojournalists– and this is only the beginning because creativity is in everything and everyone!

When we think of the word “creativity,” art, music or culture often springs to mind.  But as one of my guests reminded me— we breathe, we create— and that is one of my most core beliefs.

Why does creativity matter and why is this conversation so important?

We all want to be more creative.  We are all searching for ways to bring things to life or to continue enhancing what we have or do.  That’s creating.  For me this began when a professional photographer told me they weren’t creative.  That shocked me and stuck with me, forever changing my view of what I had thought was a given.  So many of us wonder how to be creative— as if we aren’t already.

Creativity can appear mysterious and even seem to be a magical process.  Each one of us creates in our own unique way and has our own unique process.  Still, we wonder about how others do it.  We can learn from each other so we can go even deeper with our own creativity.

That’s what this conversation in Focus on Creativity is about.  Each one of us is a universe unto ourselves but we are not alone.  This Focus on Creativity conversation seeks to see and explore our unique ways of creating and the ideas and the process for each of us so we can share the mysterious, the magic and our connection with each other.

I am so delighted to share this ongoing project with you.  Please enjoy the videos, subscribe to the channel, and share.  What does Focus on Creativity look like in your own life?  Please feel free to comment and if interested in having the conversation with me be sure to get in touch!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Join the conversation– CLICK HERE to view and enjoy!


Charr is the Host of Focus on Creativity, a photographer, an artist and a muse!

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