Podcasts! Getting interviewed is…

…kinda awesome!  Podcasting– an ever-growing audio world that is exciting, fun, educational, insightful… and well, all of the above and so much more!  I’ve been interviewed for several podcasts about my approach to creativity and life as a professional photographer and figured I’d share the audio recordings here.  I can talk, and anyone who knows me will chuckle with a very knowing nod.  Just ask me a question and woah!  These wonderful people, Karen, Wayne and Chamira, are so very good at what they do they made being interviewed easy and the conversations are really good.  I hope you take the time to listen and enjoy!  Comments much appreciated!  🙂

This one is with Karen Poirier-Brode on The Creative Approach.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

This one is with Wayne Cook on HotMix.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN on SoundCloud.

This is with Chamira Young on Zenjoyable with more of a focus on the business end of being a professional photographer.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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