the greatest portrait paintings of all timePictures are precious.  They capture the intangible.  They live on for generations.   Long before the camera the greatest painting masters of them all captured the faces and places of their time.  The appreciation of a family portrait has never waned and it never will.  No matter the medium we must preserve a bit of our history and the beauty of the ones who mean the most to us.  It’s quite literally the reason why Charr became a photographer and photojournalist– to capture history and preserve her own visual memories of her home and her friends.  Now she combines her photography with masterful artistry in our new paradigm– the digital realm.  Pictures and memories are precious.

Are you interested in a commissioned Painted Portrait by artist Charr Crail?  

Charr can work from your own image or she can photograph you (or the subject of your choice) in person.  Please contact Charr with questions or to book your portrait session.  CLICK HERE to contact Charr.

Painted Portraits start at $395 and up. 

Additional People or Pets : Add $150 per subject


A message from the artist… “Since first blink I’ve been a visual thinker.  My approach to portrait painting begins with the painting masters in mind but veers distinctly into a contemporary viewpoint.  While seeking the inner truth and beauty of my subjects my visual expression takes the image into a unique realm where the lines between traditional painting and contemporary photography are beautifully blurred.   As an artist I can reveal the kernel of an idea, the spark or a whisper.  I can even wax on about the tools and techniques used while creating an art piece.   But once it’s done I can’t always tell you how I got there, that’s often a mystery.”  Charr Crail



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